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2021 KD MES-JJ MES TANK Team Annual meeting

23 Dec 2021 View :

KD MES-JJ MES TANK Team Annual meeting


News Article: https://www.ksg.co.kr/news/main_newsView.jsp?pNum=132805

Kukdong MES, a company specializing in export container trading and leasing, showed its ambition to take the lead in reducing costs for customers through a sales meeting held this year.

Kukdong MES announced on the 23rd that it held an annual meeting of the ISO tank container business division online. It is evaluated that the enthusiasm of all the executives and employees was outstanding at this meeting, which was held to promote the management plan for next year through the analysis of business performance in one year.

This year, the Kukdong MES ISO Tank Team improved its performance through differentiated services such as tank container production agency, short-term rental, and tank parts sales.

While eco-friendly energies such as liquefied natural gas (LNG), hydrogen, and ammonia are emerging as keywords that open the blue ocean, Kukdong MES is leading the training of experts in risk and liquid cargo to reduce costs and help customers in the ISO tank market with great potential. Our goal is to help ensure safety.

ISO Tank Team is handling Flexi bags and ISO tank containers for loading and exporting liquids, chemicals, and hazardous materials.

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