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Advantage of our services
  • Stable and highly controlled inventory in major ports and land locked countries
  • Own brand new and used shipping containers
  • More than 50+ places to supply the shipping containers in Central Asia
  • More than 10+ railway transport platforms cooperate with us in China
  • Make your choice with our extensive network
  • Flexible cooperation model ,Place order, release immediately

Advantage of our services
  • Offer total solution : Selling, Leasing, Buying
  • Stable and highly controlled inventory in Asia , Southeast Asia and India
  • Continued supply new and used ISO tank containers
  • Cover more than 30+ places to do short-term leasing ISO tank container in China
  • Shot-term leasing / Long-term leasing/Small quantity/Large quantity/One way leasing
  • Place order, release immediately

Advantage of our services
  • Don't buy ,just use and return
  • Save the cost of buying
  • Elminate the cost of lease payments, sometimes you may get rewards from us
  • Don't need to worry about the resale when cargos unloaded
  • We have a global network to pick up and return for your choice
  • Pick up from loading port and return at the destination

Advantage of our services
  • Lease shipping containers and ISO Tank containers in various types and sizes at competitive rates
  • Short term leases are considered with as much service and sincerity as long term leases
  • Domestic & Overseas
  • Long term &  Short term ≥ 1 Day
  • Large quantity & Small quantity ≥ 1 Unit
  • One Way Leasing / Special Lease
  • Fleet Management Services

Our Network
  • 1999

    Founded in 1999

  • 14+

    With over 14 overseas offices

  • 100+

    100+ contracted depots over the world to store containers

  • 200+

    Container trading business in 200+ locations over the world

  • 50,000+

    Sold 50,000 units used containers per year

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