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  • 00037 Liquefied gas ISO tank dead stock inquiry 관리자 2020-05-07 64

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    Currently, we are planning to export liquid products through ISO tank containers.
    We are considering even long-term contracts-Round.
    At this time, as the amount of water below the pump cannot be used, it remains on the bottom of the tank.
    Re-import of container-If export is repeated by recharging the quantity, the residual quantity
    I am wondering whether customs duties, import charges, individual consumption tax, etc. are imposed or exempted.
    In addition, when exporting, the amount of import declaration to the relevant exporting country is only for the actual amount provided in consideration of the dead stock.
    I am wondering if it proceeds.
    Thank you for your answer.
    Thank you.

  • 00036 iso tank (Teflon lining) rental inquiry 관리자 2020-02-21 61


    Is it possible to rent an iso tank container (Teflon lining)?

    If possible, please answer the monthly rent.

  • 00035 New ISO Tank Container Price Inquiry 관리자 2019-11-29 110


    Good morning?
    Nothing else, please contact us for the new price of ISO Tank Container.
    And do you handle T75 Container?

    T11 20ft New Construction Container Price/Set
    T75 20ft New Construction Container Price/Unit
    T75 40ft New Container Price/Unit

    Thank you

  • 00034 ISO tank container rental inquiry 관리자 2018-10-18 101


    Good morning

    Of the ISO tank containers you have, do you have a type of Teflon lined inside and piping?

    If you have it, please check how you cleaned the product you used immediately before.

    Thank you.

  • 00033 40ft container rental inquiry 관리자 2018-09-17 92


    Hello, I would like to contact you for a 40ft container rental.

    In order to move overseas construction materials to containers and perform the role of a warehouse for a certain period of time, we intend to rent containers.

    I will ask for a quote on the approximate rental cost of a 40ft container~

    Thank you~

  • 00032 40ft used container rental/selling inquiry 관리자 2018-05-15 100


    Good morning.
    I want to get a rental or sale quote to use a 40ft used container for storage, so I'm writing.
    It is a heating machine manufacturer that will be used to store market recalls.
    I plan to use it for a long time (over 1 year), so I would like to know if it is good to rent or buy and sell. (It is a used product)

    1. Lease: Lease for at least 1 year. Expected to be extended for 5 years
    Please ask for the rental fee.
    2. Ask for the transaction cost.

  • 00031 I would like to know what tons of ISO TANK minimum... 관리자 2018-04-27 59


    Dear Far East MES Representative

    Hello. We are considering transporting chemicals using ISO tank containers. I would like to know what tons of minimum load capacity to maximum load capacity is. Thank you.

  • 00030 Please contact us for 40ft container rental 관리자 2017-12-29 91


    Hello, I would like to contact you for a 40ft container rental.

    When exporting goods, bring the container to the company a month or a certain period early before export.
    After loading the goods, I want to export
    (This is a general manufacturer, and containers must be rented)
    Is this possible
    If possible, ask for a quote on the cost of renting a 40ft container~
    Thank you~

  • 00029 ISO tank rental inquiry 관리자 2017-08-25 73


    Good morning?
    I’m trying to import an ingredient from China to make silicon raw materials.
    Since it is a liquid, I am going to proceed to the ISO tank.

    Can I know the rental price??
    Please ask for a period of one year.

    Thank you.

  • 00028 40ft Used Refrigerated Container Request for Quota... 관리자 2017-04-26 111

    Please see your website and contact us.

    We are an exporter specialized in frozen chicken feet.
    We will request a quote for used frozen containers for storing chicken feet from our business partner in Vietnam, and send you a professional reply after review.

    1.40ft refrigerated container (used) production year; 2006-2010 25 units
    2.45ft refrigerated container (used) Year of production: 25 units from 2006 to 2010

    It is a condition of operation
    Busan Port shipping price

  • 00027 Contact us. 관리자 2016-06-16 90


    I would like to know the cost of renting a 20ft ISO tank.
    The rental area is Suncheon, Jeollanam-do.
    I am trying to send chemical products to Jeju Island.
    Please also tell me the cost of the sale.

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