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[Review] 2023 KD MES & JJ MES Global Annual Meeting in SHA

12 Jan 2024 View :

On December 21-22, the 2023 KD MES & JJ MES Annual Meeting and Awards Ceremony were held in Shanghai.

The container sales departments' PIC (person in charge) which from various domestic and international offices gathered in Shanghai to celebrate this beautiful moment together!

For the beginning of 2024, both KDMES and JJMES will make the needs and satisfaction for our new and old customers is a top priority!

In this challenging environment, we also providing business support for our customers!

The KD MES & JJ MES Annual meeting Dinner started.

The company respectively celebrates the 20th anniversary of the service company
The employees of the 10th Anniversary Pass were commended!
Through annual selection, commendations were given to outstanding regional offices!

20th Anniversary Employee:
Peter Liu (North China Regional Sales Director)

10th Anniversary Employee
Phillip (Vietnam), Roy (Egypt), Robert (Russia), Arasu (India), Janet (Tianjin), Eric (South Korea)

Excellent Sales Department
(JJMES Qingdao, JJMES Urumqi, KDMES Seoul)

The exciting program is dazzling, and the games brought the atmosphere to a climax.
Everyone has a prize in the lottery!

This night is everyone's good time!

After the annual meeting, the company organized a one-day trip for colleagues in Shanghai,
In the morning, we visited the ancient town of Zhujiajiao in Shanghai,
In the afternoon, we went shopping in Nanjing Road Walkway.

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