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High Cube(HC)container is a type of container whose height is slightly higher than general containers.
Dry van containers are used for all types of cargo(dry cargo).
Dry van containers have 2 doors at one or both ends and can open/close at an angle of 270 degrees.
It is a container that is most commonly used to transport general cago which do not require temperature control and can protect the internal cargo from rain and wind as it is an enclosed container.

About used container

Shipping and leasing companies sell their containers after meeting its determined depreciated value over for certain duration of time.After purchasing these second hand containers from shipping and leasing companies, we then repair and clean them for resale.

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External Dimensions Length 45’ 13.716 m
Width 8' 2.438 m
Height 9' 5" 2.896 m
Internal Dimensions Length 44' 5" 13.556 m
Width 7' 72" 2.352 m
Height 8' 85" 2.698 m
Capacity(CBM) 3,040Cft 86 m³
Tare Weight 10,690Lbs 4,850 Kgs
Max.Gross Weight 67,200 Lbs 30,480 Kgs
Max.Payload 56,510 Lbs 25,630 Kgs
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